All of us at SnowGhost Music would like to congratulate you on the release of your new album ‘Changing Shades’. It was such a fun record to make and we are extremely pleased to see it out in the world today.

The musicianship and cohesiveness of this band is astonishing. The album was live-tracked in a little over two days and completely finished, mixed and mastered in eight. It is a production approach that we strongly promote and believe in and we were fortunate enough to have a band like the Lil’ Smokies in to elevate the bar for live analog recording. There’s a great interview with lead vocalist Andy about the recording process in the Missoulian.

Best of luck as you travel the world sharing your music and yourselves. I hope that all of the people who hear these songs will experience as much happiness listening to them as we did making the record with you.

All the best!