Littered with found sounds, droning synths, gritty beats, and some straight up wacky stuff, there’s something special about new release ‘Snowghost Pieces‘. It was a dream come true for us, having listened to early Krautrock like Kraftwerk, Cluster, and Neu! for years – and this recording trio is comprised of Kraut-royalty.

Dieter Moebius charted new “Krautronik” ground as one half of Cluster. The Americans Tim Story and Jon Leidecker are two electronic musicians who could not be more different to one another. Story is known for his warm soundscapes whilst Leidecker has made an name for himself, or rather for his “Wobbly” pseudonym, with experimental adventures in sound.

The reviews have already started coming in: Music OMH“thoroughly enjoyable production and one that equally rewards as a close, detailed listen”; Billy Ray Martin“features harmonious, electronic improvisations of the highest order”; DereksMusicBlog“it’s a genre melting album, Magnus Opus that anyone who enjoys electronic music must own”; The Skinny“ambitious in its depth of texture, this is experimental music from the bleeding-edge”.

We feel honored that Moebius, Story, and Leidecker made the trek all the way out to Montana by way of Berlin, Ohio, and San Francisco to compose, perform, and record their first collaborative work together.


Check out the first video from ‘Snowghost Pieces’, the twisting and turning ‘Defenestrate’.