We had a wonderful time at Playtime 2017 and would like to thank Google for allowing us to share our spatial audio piece ‘Into the Dark’ with the attendees. We were overwhelmed with the turnout and are extremely pleased with the response to the piece, and by the high level of excitement around the concept of immersive audio stories. For those who attended the showings, we handed out gatefold packets that included information about the piece as well as 10 postcard images, each of which represents another supporting story that surfaced while conducting research for the Granite Mountain mining disaster. Butte is one of the more fascinating of the lesser known places that we have visited. It is rich with history and amazing to see what it has become in the 100 years following this event. There are many other stories that we have to tell around ’Into the Dark’ and we plan to release one per week on our site for the next ten weeks in association with the postcard images in the packet. For those of you who weren’t able to attend the live showing, this is a way for you to hear all of the stories and see all of their associated images. Please stop by our ‘Stories of Sound’ page on the site to check out the other stories. Thanks again…there is more to come.