Beatles Necklace

The other day my neighbor and I got into a discussion, and I found out that she was basically one of the biggest Beatles fans ever. She told me that she had all of their records, trading cards, ticket stubs from their last show at Candlestick Park, clothing, stickers, posters…. everything. And then she told me about her prized possession – a gold medallion with John, Paul, George, and Ringo, mop tops and beatnik suits. She told me what made this necklace rare was not the limited edition photo on the front, but that it also had all of their signatures carved into the back – I couldn’t believe it! In this lonely digital age, I had found a super fan friend. I remember collecting baseball cards when I was a kid – I learned all about my favorite players that way. Hang out sessions with my friends centered around talking baseball and trading cards. Trading cards brought me closer to the game, and it gave me a sense of community – I miss my cardboard cutout friends. I wonder if the digital music consumers of today know what they’re missing, not being able to touch and feel, to fully experience a piece of the music – The fan in me sees light in the possibilities of the Blockchain and NFTs.