Hilary Matheson and Aaric Bryan from the Daily Interlake paid Whitefish High School a visit while the Physics, Music and Shop class came together to talk about what we’ve been up to the last few months…. It’s been a blast for me to hang with young people, addressing real world problems – and problems that affect them on a daily basis. When the music kids left their 50+ year old building and moved into their new state of the art space, The Center, it wasn’t without a new set of issues. The rooms were ping-y and bright, and the bass was mushy. I heard it right away, but had to figure out how to help the kids test and understand what they were up against. What I found most refreshing was the level of excitement that the students showed in the subjective process – the idea that a room can be ‘fixed’ with acoustic treatment, but that there is no right answer. The idea that we accept a certain level of imperfection, when that imperfection is deemed musical. This is my love affair with music as a science and art.