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Closer To The Heart

If there is anything I’ve learned over the last 20 years of sound-smithing, it is that we are just trying to get to the core of the art – that art which is determined to get closer to the heart. Whether or not we are using yesterday’s instruments, or tomorrow’s, the goal is the same. This realization has taken me longer to arrive at than any other learned skill, regardless of modern technological advancements. Long-winded and overtly analytical experiments, or what we studio rats simply call ‘tweaking’, helped me to see and HEAR, and return to the real meaning of my work – the heart. The irony. This is the kind of perspective that only time grants.

The Experience Of Humans Being

Music has the ability to get humans to circle around a fire – its sounds stoke the aural, leading to the visual, and still more, the emotional. The relationship between humans and sound is wonderfully complex – especially when we find ways to emulate, manipulate and enhance the soundtrack of our lives with musical instruments. Music is the experience of humans being.

The Fundamentals

Getting back to work with The SnowGhost Six in the studio was long overdue. After spending so much time in the control room , it was really nice to get back to good songwriting and and live-off-the-floor studio playing with good friends. Band camp!

SnowGhost Hats

Just in time for winter – another limited run of our cozy wool and leather SnowGhost hats – One size fits all. Check out our shop!

The Delines

Announcing The Delines’ Eight Floors Up in the Hi-Res Audio format for all streaming services! Tracks ‘Eight Floors Up’ and ‘Wait For Me’ came out of a week long session after their performance at the Under The Big Sky Festival 2019. We think that you’ll agree that these are phenomenal songs and recordings of The Delines.

Plastic Anniversary

Congrats to Matmos for the upcoming release of Plastic Anniversary! We had a blast making it with them – such a great artistic statement about the state of plastic consumption, trash and its effects on the environment.

Under The Big Sky Festival

Looking forward to the first annual Under The Big Sky Festival 2019, July 13th and 14th – so proud! It’s a dream lineup and location, and we’re pretty sure that there’s nothing like it anywhere else. Thanks for all of the countless hours of planning put in by our friends at Outriders Presents.

The Lil’ Smokies SnowGhost Sessions

Another good live-off-the-floor session with The Lil’ Smokies. Great energy and virtuosity with these guys – they love to play in the same room and they usually get it in one take. You can hear that in these Lil’ Smokies SnowGhost Singles.