The cleanest signal and monitoring paths, with limitless analog and digital processing possibilities. We commit without reservation.

  • SSL 9000K XL 48 Channel Console
  • Wilson, Audience, Lipinski, Canalis, Tannoy, VTL, Transparent Audio, Spiral Groove, Forssell, Emm Labs playback
  • Studer A827 Gold Machine, ATR-102
  • Soundblade HD Mastering Sytem (Forssell Converters)
  • Sonoma 24 Channel DSD Recording System (Emm Labs and Mytek Converters)
  • Pro Tools HDX 48 Ch Recording System (Forssell Converters)
  • Telefunken, Schoeps, Neumann, Sanken, Josephson, AEA, Royer, Coles, Crowley and Tripp microphones
  • DW Fearn, Mercury, Forssell, Neve, Lachapell, Manley, Chandler, API, Electrodyne, SSL, Millennia and Martech mic preamps
  • Chandler, Anthony Demaria Labs, DW Fearn, Mercury, Dramastic, API, Pultec, Manley Labs EQ and compression
  • Mellotron, Cwejman, Moog, Studio Electronics, Jomox MIDI equiped analog synths
  • Bricasti, TC Electronic, Eventide, Schippman, Evol, Elektron, Oto Machines, Thermionic effects
  • Numa, Roli, Genoqs, Monome, Arturia, Maschine MIDI controllers and sequencers
  • Steinway pianos, complete DW drum kit, classic snare drums, electric pianos and keyboards, guitars and amps
  • Full Equipment List




Characterful spaces tuned for an accurate frequency response and low noise floor. We only record what we want to hear.

  • Star + Lyncole chemical ground ( <5 ohms to Earth ), isolated technical ground, parallel line battery backup, Equitech balanced power to load
  • Lumenyte RF and EMF-free fiber optic lighting system
  • Floating HVAC system and specialized ducting, engineered for quiet operation
  • Automated humidity and climate control systems
  • Transparent Audio analog and digital audio wiring
  • Sound Research custom floating poly-resonant floor
  • Network Appliance storage server systems
  • IAC Acoustics doors
  • Dual isolated wall systems, airlock window design, and decoupled floor systems for the highest possible STC rating
  • Acoustically specified bamboo and concrete floors