Blue Cow DJ

Modular Wrecking Ball

Music For Airports in the woods

The SnowGhost Six – Mini Series Ep 1
The SnowGhost Six – Mini Series Ep 2
The SnowGhost Six – Mini Series Ep 3
The SnowGhost Six – Mini Series Ep 4

SnowGhost went on location at a local recycling plant to film and record the making of Matmos’ Plastic Anniversary

In The Studio – The making of Dan Deacon’s Bromst with SnowGhost

Thalpein – An art installation debuted at 3S Artspace in New Hampshire

Somber – A film and collaborative effort between SnowGhost and Whitefish Schools

Matmos and So Percussion’s critically acclaimed Treasure State recorded and filmed SnowGhost

Pool Room scored by SnowGhost

SnowGhost recorded and filmed Dan Deacon performing ‘Snake Mistakes’ live in Whitefish, Montana

Audio mixing and restoration for A Morning Light by SnowGhost

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks recording Real Emotional Trash with SnowGhost

Jeff Neufield performing Gnossienne at SnowGhost