New music is not made up of some undiscovered arrangements of notes. New music is created by innovative people and their ‘instruments’ – new sounds, inspired and excited by unique control, and process. We play in frequency and time domains, and realize that the spatial cues in mono, stereo and multi-channel formats provide yet another opportunity to expand the paradigm of playback. These new sounds and their delivery play a critical role in authentic and immersive human experiences.



  • Music production, songwriting, arranging,¬†mixing and mastering
  • Midi orchestration, sequencing and print to analog instruments
  • Film and television scores
  • Sound design: Precision recording and composition, via acoustic and electronic sound engineering
  • Sound and audio technology research
  • Audio engineering and sound design for live performance environments and experiences
  • Spatial audio for virtual and augmented reality
  • New media formats and technologies
  • Art and technology concept alignment
  • Partnership and project management